Preliminary Programme

This is the preliminary programme for the 2024 Munich New Space Summit. We will update the programme constantly.


13:00Welcome and Opening
13:15Keynote Speech
Europe is Reaching for the Stars
13:45Round Table Discussion
Europe’s Space Ambitions: A Dialogue on Our Competitive Edge
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The round table discussion titled "Europe's Space Ambitions: A Multisectoral Dialogue on Our Competitive Edge" will convene representatives from various European space agencies and policymakers to examine and strategize on maintaining and enhancing Europe's position in the global space arena. The dialogue will focus on aligning national and regional objectives to create a cohesive and ambitious space strategy. Key themes will include fostering innovation through public-private partnerships, leveraging advanced technologies to stay ahead of global competitors, and ensuring sustainable and ethical space practices. Participants will discuss the importance of robust regulatory frameworks, increased funding and investment, and the role of international collaborations in achieving long-term goals. Through an exchange of insights and best practices, the session aims to outline actionable steps to strengthen Europe's competitive edge in the space sector, ensuring that it remains a leader in space exploration, technology, and commercial activities.
14:30Round Table Discussion
Charting Europe´s Path: Strengthening Leadership in the New Space Era
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In this dynamic roundtable session at the Munich New Space Summit, leaders from across the spectrum of the European space industry—representing major corporations, SMEs, startups, and scale-ups—will come together to explore strategies for bolstering Europe’s position in the rapidly evolving New Space economy. This discussion will address key challenges and opportunities, including innovation, collaboration, policy, and investment. Participants will share insights on how to foster a vibrant ecosystem that supports growth, drives technological advancements, and ensures Europe's leadership on the global stage. Join us for an engaging dialogue that aims to shape the future of space endeavors in Europe.
15:15Coffee Break
16:00Keynote Speech
The Vital Role of Science and Research in Advancing New Space
16:15Round Table Discussion
Creating Synergies for Mutual Success: The Relationship between Research and New Space Startups
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The round table discussion, titled "Creating Synergies for Mutual Success: The Relationship between Research and New Space Startups”, aims to explore the dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship between scientific research and new space startups. This session will delve into how these entities can collaborate effectively, identify potential synergies, and highlight the benefits each can gain from the other. The discussion will provide insights into technology transfer, startup incubation, and how research institutions can utilize data and services from new space startups to enhance their work.
17:00Round Table Discussion
Beyond Boundaries: New Space Missions and Earthly Applications – Fostering Science-Industry Collaboration
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The round table discussion titled "Beyond Boundaries: Deep Space Missions and Earthly Applications - Fostering Science-Industry Collaboration" will bring together scientists, industry experts, and policymakers to explore the symbiotic relationship between new space exploration and terrestrial technological advancements. This dialogue will focus on how breakthroughs achieved in deep space missions can be leveraged to address challenges on Earth, such as in healthcare, environmental monitoring, and advanced manufacturing. Participants will discuss the importance of fostering robust collaborations between the scientific community and industry to accelerate innovation and drive economic growth. The session aims to highlight successful case studies of science-industry partnerships, identify emerging opportunities for collaboration, and outline strategies for enhancing the transfer of space-derived technologies to commercial markets. By bridging the gap between space exploration and industrial applications, this discussion seeks to unlock new potentials for societal benefit and economic development.
17:45Keynote Speech
Unlocking the Potential of Space Technology for Life Sciences
18:15Round Table Discussion
Exploration is Human: Medical Aspects in New Space
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The round table discussion titled "Exploration is Human – The Challenges and Translational Opportunities of Crewed Missions Beyond LEO" will feature an engaging format where candidates pitch their perspectives and then join the round table for an in-depth discussion. This session will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities associated with crewed missions beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Topics will include the technical and physiological hurdles of long-duration space travel, life support systems, radiation protection, and the psychological impact on astronauts. The discussion will also highlight the translational benefits of these missions, such as advancements in medical technologies, materials science, and robotics, that can be applied to terrestrial industries. By bringing together experts from diverse fields, the session aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of how human space exploration can drive innovation and yield practical benefits for life on Earth.
19:00Shuttle to Munich “Residenz”
20:00Bavarian State Reception at Munich „Residenz“
22:00Shuttle back to Science Congress Center (on demand)


Relevance of Space for military use
09:30Round Table Discussion
Securing Europe’s PNT in the New Space Era: Addressing Threats and Ensuring Sovereignty and Resilience
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This round table discussion will gather experts from the fields of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems, cybersecurity, defense, and New Space technologies to address the critical issues surrounding PNT security in Europe. Key topics will include:
Current Threat Landscape: Analyzing the increasing threats to PNT systems, particularly focusing on recent jamming and spoofing attacks. Discussion on how these activities disrupt maritime and aviation safety, as well as critical infrastructure.
Impact on Europe: Understanding the broader implications of compromised PNT systems on European security, economic stability, and civilian applications, particularly in the context of New Space technologies and commercial space activities.
Technological Solutions: Exploring advanced technological solutions to counter jamming and spoofing attacks, including resilient PNT systems, alternative navigation technologies, and the integration of robust cybersecurity measures. Highlighting innovations from New Space companies that enhance PNT resilience.
Role of New Space: Discussing how the New Space sector can contribute to the security and resilience of PNT systems through innovative satellite constellations, advanced signal processing techniques, and new business models.
Policy and Collaboration: Emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts among European nations, NATO, and other international partners to address these security challenges. Discussing the role of policy, regulation, and international collaboration in enhancing the security of PNT systems in the New Space era.
Case Studies and Best Practices: Presenting real-world case studies and best practices from New Space companies, defense sectors, and critical infrastructure operators that have successfully implemented secure PNT solutions.
Future Strategies: Developing a roadmap for securing Europe's PNT systems, including investment in research and development, public-private partnerships, and fostering innovation in resilient PNT technologies within the New Space framework.
The session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the threats to PNT systems in Europe, share insights on technological and policy solutions, and foster a collaborative approach to ensure the resilience and security of critical positioning, navigation, and timing infrastructure in the New Space era.
10:15Round Table Discussion
Space – Non Space – Secure Connectivity Solutions
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The round table discussion titled "Space – Non Space – Secure Connectivity Solutions" will feature distinguished speakers from space and non-space sectors and from industry as well as academia. The session will highlight the potential for secure connectivity solutions integrating space technologies and data and will discuss the challenges and opportunities in creating seamless and secure communication systems bridging space and non-space sectors. In particular, the panel will address the integration of satellites and 5G networks, the role of secure communications in connected and autonomous vehicles, and the importance of robust connectivity for smart infrastructure and energy management. The panel will explore and discuss how the needs of non-space sectors look like and how these needs can be taken up. The discussion aims to highlight innovative approaches, potential collaborations, and strategic frameworks to advance secure connectivity solutions essential for modern society's digital transformation.
11:00Coffee Break
11:45Round Table Discussion
Expanding Horizons: Enhancing European Access to Space with Innovative Launch Solutions”
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This round table discussion will bring together key players in the European space launch industry to explore the current state and future prospects of European access to space. Representatives from ArianeGroup, Isar Aerospace, HyImpulse, and Vega will share insights into their unique approaches to launch services, technological innovations, and strategic visions. The session will delve into the challenges and opportunities faced by European launch providers, the role of public-private partnerships, and the impact of European Space Agency (ESA) initiatives on the industry. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these companies are shaping the future of space exploration and satellite deployment in Europe, fostering greater collaboration and competitiveness on the global stage.
12:30Panel Session
Strategic Alliances: Industry Transformation through Space-Driven Synergies
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The panel session will explore the transformative potential of strategic alliances among established non-space industries, space and new space players, and the Federal Armed Forces. Through leveraging space-driven synergies, these collaborations are advancing automation, efficiency, and sustainability across diverse sectors. Panelists will discuss the role of space technologies in reshaping industries and allowing a more interconnected and autonomous world. They will also emphasize the significance of strategic partnerships in driving industry-wide transformation.
Inspiring the Future: Empowering Startups, Students, and the New Space Generation
14:45Pitching Session
Celestial Opportunities: New Space Startups Meet Investors
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The pitching session titled "Celestial Opportunities: New Space Startups Meet Investors" will feature dynamic five-minute presentations from cutting-edge space startups aimed at attracting investment and fostering partnerships. This industry-focused session provides a platform for emerging companies to showcase innovative technologies, business models, and market solutions that address various aspects of the space industry, including satellite services, launch systems, space exploration, and space-based applications. Investors will gain insights into the latest advancements and investment opportunities within the New Space economy, while startups will have the chance to connect with potential backers and strategic partners. The session aims to stimulate investment activity, encourage collaboration, and drive growth in the burgeoning space sector.
15:45Coffee Break
16:30Round table discussion
Fuelling Innovation: Building Teams and Empowering Talents for Space
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This round table discussion will explore the critical elements of team building and talent empowerment in the space industry. Key areas of focus include:
Essential Skills for Space Startups: Learn about the core competencies and multidisciplinary expertise needed to form a high-performing team in the space sector.
Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Discover effective methods for identifying, attracting, and retaining top-tier talent in a competitive field.
Creating a Collaborative and Innovative Culture: Understand how to foster a work environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and continuous innovation.
Engaging Future Space Talent: Explore strategies for engaging the next generation of space professionals through educational outreach, internships, mentorships, and academic partnerships.
Embracing Student Talents: Identify best practices for integrating student talents, leveraging their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, and providing them with meaningful career development opportunities.
Gain practical insights into building and empowering teams to drive the next wave of innovation in space technology and initiatives.
17:30Exclusive Preview “Fortitude – Forging The Trillion Dollar Economy”
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Award-winning filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann (Netflix, Amazon) presents parts of the feature documentary "Fortitude - Forging The Trillion Dollar Economy" which is an exhilarating glimpse into the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of the New Space economy. He will share the most interesting stories producing this documentary over 3 years and on 4 continents with the likes of RocketLab, Planet, Voyager Space, the United Nations and the U.S. State Department. Through captivating visuals and his personal experience the audiences will be inspired by the resilience and creativity of those turning science fiction into science fact.
18:00Dinner Speech
20:00New Space Night
Science Congress Center Munich


09:00Keynote Speech
Europe’s Cosmic Odyssey: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in New Space
09:30Round Table Discussion
Charting Europe’s Cosmic Future: Enhancing New Space Appeal Compared to the USA

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The round table discussion titled "Charting Europe's Cosmic Future: Enhancing New Space Appeal Compared to the USA" will explore strategies to elevate Europe's position in the New Space sector. Industry leaders and policymakers will discuss regulatory frameworks, public-private partnerships, technological innovation, and funding mechanisms. This discussion aims to identify actionable steps to ensure Europe can compete with the dynamic growth seen in the U.S. space industry, shaping the future of Europe's space endeavors.
10:15Round Table Discussion
Evolution of European Space Laws: Burden or Facilitator for the Industry?
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This year´s Legal Session, organized and moderated again by BHO Legal, will focus on regulations of commercial space activities. Numerous European countries are reviewing and updating their existing national space laws, while others are working on preparing such legislation for the first time. In addition, the European Commission is working on their proposal for an EU Space Law, which would harmonize at least certain aspects of the national space laws of the Member States and would potentially even apply to non-EU operators providing services within the EU. Representatives from national ministries and regulatory authorities will provide insights on the regulatory frameworks in their countries and discuss how the European and national law should evolve in view of increasing threats to space safety, sustainability and security.
11:00Coffee Break and Snacks
11:45Fireside Chat
State-of-play of the Space Insurance Market and Impacts for the European New Space Industry
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The space insurance market is in crisis. Some insurance underwriters quit the sector, reduce their coverage and tighten their criteria for risk assessment. Premiums for space asset insurance have increased considerably. In this Fireside Chat, Hendrik Baumann from MunichRe Space Insurance gives insight in the current market situation and reflects the impacts on the European NewSpace players. The chat will be moderated by Dr Ingo Baumann, partner at BHO Legal.
12:15Round Table Discussion
New Space Threats to Europe – Are we Well Prepared?
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The round table discussion titled "New Space Threats to Europe - Are We Well Prepared?" will gather experts from the defense, space, and cyber domains to evaluate Europe's preparedness in facing emerging threats. This session will address the interconnected nature of modern security challenges, including cyber attacks, space-based threats, and hybrid warfare. Speakers will discuss the current state of Europe’s defense capabilities, the vulnerabilities within critical infrastructure, and the strategies needed to enhance resilience. Emphasis will be placed on fostering cross-domain collaboration, developing advanced technologies for threat detection and response, and ensuring robust policy frameworks. By examining the readiness of Europe to counter these evolving threats, the discussion aims to identify gaps and propose actionable solutions to safeguard European security in an increasingly complex global landscape.
13:00Round Table Discussion
New Space Disruptions: Pioneering Technologies and Processes
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This pitching session will spotlight groundbreaking advancements in New Space technologies and engineering. Participants will present cutting-edge innovations and processes that are redefining the landscape of space exploration and commercialization. Key topics will include:
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Exploring how 3D printing is revolutionizing the production of spacecraft components, reducing costs, and enabling in-situ manufacturing in space.
New Production Processes: Introducing novel manufacturing techniques that enhance efficiency, reliability, and scalability in space hardware production.
Beyond ESA ECSS: Discussing alternative qualification and certification processes that expedite innovation while maintaining safety and performance standards.
COTS Equipment Utilization: Highlighting successful integration of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment in space missions, offering cost-effective and readily available solutions.
Innovative Launcher Concepts: Presenting next-generation launcher designs that promise to increase payload capacity, reduce launch costs, and improve access to space.
Case Studies and Success Stories: Showcasing real-world examples of disruptive methods and their impact on space missions and industry growth.
This session aims to connect innovators with investors, industry leaders, and potential collaborators to foster the adoption and development of disruptive technologies in the New Space sector. Attendees will gain insights into the future of space technology, discover new opportunities for investment and partnership, and be inspired by the transformative potential of these innovations.
14:00Closing & Adjourn
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