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SPEAKERS (as of 24 March 2023)

Big Space Companies

Marc Steckling, Senior Vice President Space Systems Germany, Airbus

Marco Fuchs, CEO, OHB SE and BDLI Vice President Space (tbc)

Massimo Comparini, CEO, Thales Alenia Space Italy

Monika Steger, Managing director, BayernKapital (tbc)

Nicola Winter, Project Manager Responsive Space, DLR (German Aerospace Center)

Pierre Godart, CEO, Ariane Group

Anna Christmann, Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy

Andreas Geisler, Aeronautics and Space Agency, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Badri Younes, Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Communications and Navigation, NASA

Dietmar Pilz, Director of Technology, Engineering and Quality, ESA

Holger Krag, Head of the Space Debris Office, ESA (tbc)

Gilles Rabin, French Counselor for Space Travel

Jean -Marc Astorg, Strategy Director, CNES

Luca del Monte, Head of Commercialisation Department, ESA (tbc)

Marius-Ioan Piso, President of the Scientific Council, Romanian Space Agency

Martina Sindelar, Policy Officer DG DEFIS, European Commission

Grzegorz Wrochna, President, Polish Space Agency

Ricardo Conde, President, Portugues Space Agency

Tomas Jonsson, CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship Initiative, European Commission (tbc)

EUSPA (tbc)

Gerhard Drechsler, Senior civil servant, Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection (tbc)

Roland Weigert, State Secretary, Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Reg. Development and Energy

Sebastian Scheiding, SME Spokesperson Space, BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association)

Florian Erber, Managing Partner & Founder, Ananda Impact Ventures (tbc)

Rainer Horn, Managing Partner, SpaceTec Partners

Andrea Novak, COO, Herius Capital (tbc)

Anna Purkhauser, Senior Consultant, SpaceTec Partners

Ingo Baumann, Partner, BHO Legal

Bulent Altan, CEO, Mynaric

Daniel Metzler, CEO, Isar Aerospace

Daria Stepanova, CTO, AIRMO (tbc)

Stefan Brieschenk, COO, Rocket Factory

Hélène Huby, CEO, The Exploration Company (tbc)

Founding partner, Vsquared Ventures (tbc)

Jörn Spurmann, CCO, Rocket Factory

Luc Piguet, CEO, ClearSpace SA (tbc)

Lynn Zoenen, Principal and Managing Director, Alpine Space Ventures

Thomas Grübler, CEO, Ororatech

Neutron Star (tbc)

EU/ ESA/ NASA/ Space Agencies

Ministry and Public Associations



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